Barfaloni #5


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Status: For Sale

Cost: $5.00 +s/h


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Hi. My name is Adam from “Inovit” animation studio.
Our studio creates professional 2D animation explainer videos about services/products that help to answer questions that your prospects or clients might have, such as How it works? What for? What are the main benefits etc.

Some examples of our work (portfolio) – ?

Please, let me know if you are interested in our services and I will send you more information. Or we can simply set up a short phone call.

Contact us.
website –
phone – (888) 274 8845
e-mail –

Good day to you,
My name is Barrister Wilfred Russell, a British lawyer. I have previously sent you a message regarding a transaction worth $ 10.5 million left by my late client before his tragic death.
I am contacting you once again because after going through your profile, I strongly believe that you will be in a better position to execute this business transaction with me. Please if you are interested, I wish to point out that after the transaction I want 10% of this money to be donated among charity organizations while the remaining 90% will be shared equal by the both of us.
This transaction is 100% risk free; please respond to me as soon as possible for more detailed information. Here is my email:
Yours Faithfully,
Barrister Wilfred Russell

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